12 Session B2B Bootcamp

The heart of this program is 12 video sessions taking viewers through the complex yet rewarding incentive and recognition marketplace. Normally this teleseminar is $1299 but you are a VIP which provides you with a significant discount.

These sessions were targeted to those who want to use gold as an incentive or recognition reward, using  Karatbars as the product. However, any product or service may be substituted for Karatbars when applying this material to your own unique business.

By signing up for this teleseminar you may schedule three (3) 30 minute 1:1 coaching calls over the course of your progression through the program. My normal coaching fee is $500 per hour but you are being given up to $6000 of personalized coaching for this low price of $649.50, including the 12 sessions which are 60-90 minutes each.

No refunds once you sign up due to the highly confidential nature of these materials.

This program includes business consultation, marketing and deliverables to enhance and sell more products and services. The program consists of:

  • 12 self-guided 90 minute sessions
  • 3 live webinars
  • Three (3) 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions...1 in the first few weeks, one in the middle of your progression through the program and one at the conclusion. 


With my Compliments... D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer®: 100 AHAS from the Relationship Manual.

DATING Your Customer



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