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slide-1-728Jim Feldman is an Customer Service,innovation, marketing, and branding/promotion advisor and CEO of his own performance improvement companies> He is a keynote business speaker, an entertaining motivational speaker, author of 14 books and hundreds of articles and was named “One of the 100 Top Motivators of the Last 100 Years” by Incentive Magazine.

He provides plain talk to smart people.  Here's a few slide decks. http://tiny.cc/ShiftHappensPresentations

Jim focuses on the results and challenges your audiences…

“don’t let what you think you know prevent you from learning what you need to know.”  

Here’s some relevant information you might want to know about Jim:

  • Jim offers your organization an infusion of ideas that deliver new ways of looking at opportunities using your existing resources and combining with others to create or increase revenue streams.
  • He teaches techniques and skills that anyone can learn.
  • The presentations are customized to your audience.
  • The content is targeted to your industry.
  • Jim learns your language and asks ‘what’s working?’ ‘what’s not working?’ ‘what’s missing?’ and ‘what’s next?, ‘what’s possible’, and ‘why not?’
  • He helps organizations learn what they don’t know so they can create their own ‘shifts.’
  • It’s a demonstration with audience interaction and participation that helps make them aware of that which they have not realized.
  • He has discussions with your audience, not lecture to them.
  • 100% of his clients have offered to be referrals.
  • Jim’s deliverable is to change not only what your team thinks but how they think.

Jim’s been a keynote business speaker for over 35 years, presenting for such diverse organizations as BASF, U.S. Department of Defense, Tribune Media Group, Verizon, Toyota, American Dental Association, Mexico Showcase, Meet Puerto Rico, Eastman Kodak, March of Dimes, Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, Cremation Association of North America, Microsoft, AT&T, Xerox, etc. Please visit our clients page to see and hear client reviews.  

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With my Compliments... D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer®: 100 AHAS from the Relationship Manual.

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