Dream Manager Interest Application

Thank you for your interest in The Dream Manager Program. This unique experience is being made available for our employees.

Because this initiative is a new opportunity and resources are limited, a small group of employees will be selected to participate in this exciting enrichment experience.

Please respond to the below questions to share more about your interest and to confirm your willingness to fully engage with the Program sessions. The responses to this form will help identify the participants.

Please complete this form and return it so that you can be considered for the next Dream Manager Program class.

Thank you. 

Jim Feldman, Dream Manager® Certified Coach

The Dream Manager Program will provide a time each month for you to experience a life coaching and personal growth curriculum that supports you in the achievement of your life goals, helping you improve your personal finances, development of your physical wellness, enriching priority relationships, and the advancement of similar life focus areas. You’ll receive resources and tools in each session to support your learning. The content is delivered each month in approximately 60-minute sessions. This experience will be facilitated by a Certified Dream Manager®, and is focused on your growth and success.

In the space below, please list some of the reasons why you are most interested in participating in The Dream Manager Program and experience. There’s no right or wrong answer. Simply share a couple sentences or a short list of ideas about your interest.

Helping our employees become better-versions-of-themselves is the overall goal of this experience. How do you envision this opportunity being a way to support your personal and professional growth?

Participants need to commit to fully engaging with the experience so that the investment of these resources are utilized to the fullest extent and so that the people participating in the experience receive the most benefit. Are you willing to commit making an honest effort to fully engaging with the monthly sessions and working through a few take-home exercises each month?

Do you have any questions about this experience and what is required to fully engage with the experience?