Speaking Questionnaire

Don't Settle for Canned Speeches

What is needed, wanted or wished to happen before, during and after the meeting?

How many people will attend this meeting?

Why will these people be invited to attend?

What are the audience demographics?  (age, positions, sex, responsibilities, education, international, etc.)

How many have attended previous meetings for your organization?

What is the audience's key needs, challenges, pains or problems?

How would you describe the audience's mood, attitude and personalities?

What message delivery methods will they find most appealing?

What do they want to take away from the meeting?

In the past, what have you done to foster interaction among the audience?

What are you already considering for the upcoming meeting to foster interaction and involvement among the audience?

What else might be done to insure that people get to know one another better, network, and build relationships and friendships?

What types of meeting follow-up activities have been used in the past?  What worked?  What did not work?

What resources or processes are available to help participants implement ideas and solutions or follow-up on problems and questions from the meeting?

What measurements will you use to determine the ROI on the meeting?

What is the anticipated budget for engaging Jim?

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