Masters Program for Healthcare

Masters Program for healthcare

Unlimited attendees for keynote or workshop

 Up to 25 participants for courses and coaching


As keynote speakers, we often remind our potential clients that a single speech can not survive the daily challenges of 'shifting' how to think. Our team always suggests an ongoing education plan coupled with coaching to ensure that Shift Happens!®

Here are some key points we've discovered about the healthcare meeting industry:

  • It has been disrupted by technology, travel expenses, and the real cost of taking your key employees away from your healthcare obligations.
  • Your associates have discovered that current information is available online. Overall, they no longer consider meetings and conferences as the primary networking resource if they engage in social media.
  • For most session attendees, the hallway, cocktail parties, and time away from the meeting are used to set up introductions with those they want to interact with in-person or online.
  • While millions of dollars are spent on production, speakers, AV, meals, and more to create scholarly output, the attendee often skips the formal meeting.
  • Surveys indicate that attendees feel the parties and offsite interaction is the highlight of the event.

As an experienced meeting and event planner, keynote, and breakout speakers, our team has created a Masters Program to address these concerns and opportunities.

For your consideration, here is the combination of both a customized keynote/webinar and continual education.

  • being able to offer your team 25 self-study courses that could help your organization profit from uncertainty? (P400 series)
  • offering over 12 hours of group coaching to assist your team members to overcome procrastination, focus on the laws of lifetime growth, and understand the tools to overcome self-doubt, motivate, and influence them to become better persuaders.
  • a lifetime of access with no additional fees.
  • a customized keynote or webinar from "The Bright Idea Guy™ or other healthcare experts.

Imagine no more.

This package, per individual, is appraised at $26,800.  (Up to a $680,000 Value for 25 participants)

Now, for less than the cost of one individual, you can offer this entire package for up to 25 team members.

Dramatically offer your healthcare team learning skills to control their own
psychological triggers that can motivate, influence and
persuade to improve almost every aspect of their lives through our courses and keynote/workshops.

Your team will discover secrets that very few healthcare professionals know.

  • how to overcome impossible patient experience situations.
  • how to interact with patients and doctors.
  • educated by a team of experts in creating exceptional patient experiences.
  • provided tips and tools to enhance and exceed patient expectations.
  • discover 'involvement devices' that often double or triple patient response rates.

Sign up today for the unbelievable price of $24,997
and start creating healthcare associates that think like owners.

(P605) Masters Program for Healthcare

PRICE: $24,997

FOR: up to 25 Participants

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Each additional participant 26+ @$999
If you'd like to add more participants,
complete the purchase for 25 and then 

contact us for further instructions.


(P606) Masters Program for Healthcare*

PRICE: $49,997

FOR: up to 75 Participants

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Each additional participant 76+ @$649
If you'd like to add more participants,
complete the purchase for 25 and then 

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*This is the same as above program but includes 75 participants.

This package, per individual, is valued at $26,800. (Up to a $2,000,000 Value for 75 participants)