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Product Becoming a Living Magnet (P408)

An Introduction to the Law of Attraction.

Health experts say that you are what you eat, but those who teach and promote the Law of Attraction would say instead: you are what you think.

That’s because the Law of Attraction – this mysterious yet simple universal law that continues to gain awareness around the world – addresses a force that affects each of us and that is both subtle in its workings and powerful in its results.

Each and every day, it is your thoughts that draw life experiences to you, and in this way, create the reality you experience. It is your thoughts today that will create your future tomorrow.

And it is your thoughts, and the emotions they generate within you, that set up the condition for what you will attract to your life, both good and bad. This course reveals this amazing law that governs the universe we live in and shows how the Law of Attraction can fundamentally change your life and the way it unfolds for you. Don’t miss out on gaining the knowledge you need to make this law work for you! **30-minute phone coaching session included**

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