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Product Finding Balance (P414)

Reclaim Your Time & Live a More Fulfilling Life.

If balance is something that many people strive for and, yet, it seems to elude them. At just the moment when life feels like it’s “in balance,” something happens to throw it off.

Some people continue their pursuit of balance, some throw in the towel, and others never bother with life balance in the first place. Life balance is not a permanent or absolute state. It’s actually a state of mind where you make continuous small adjustments to achieve fulfillment.

It is dynamic and elusive. Even though absolute balance may be impossible, the good news is that you can become aware of where your life is imbalanced and take steps toward improving your balance.

In this course, you will identify the benefits of improving your work-life balance, recognize the factors that support or distract them from work-life balance, and commit to specific actions that will improve your overall balance. **30-minute phone coaching session included**

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