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Product Kaleidoscope of Choices (P416)

How What You Think and Choose Colors Your Life.

If you surveyed people, most would likely say that being able to choose is a good thing in life. Yet, those same people probably don’t realize the immense power behind this ability.


Because we often forget that every choice we make ends up forming the very circumstances of our lives. The downside to choice is that every choice comes with consequences, and sometimes those consequences can be severe.

The upside to choice, though, is the simple fact that to change our lives for the better, all it takes is for us to make one positive decision at a time. With this in mind, each of us has the choice of what kind of life we want to live, and what type of person we wish to be.

Despite our upbringing or the environment we live in, our lives are shaped more by the choices we make than from anything else. In this course, you will explore the realm of choice and see how the invisible hand of choice is fundamentally shaping and forming your life. **30-minute phone coaching session included upon completion of this course.**

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