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Product The Law of Attraction Cafe (P418)
How To Get What You Desire In All Areas of Your Life. So, what do you want in your life?
Is it a relationship? Maybe a new car? Perhaps the perfect job? Well, whatever you want, the Law of Attraction is there to help you get it.
The Law of Attraction is an interesting phenomenon of the universe that states that you will attract into your life whatever you think about most – that your most dominant thoughts will manifest themselves into your reality.
This law is always working to give people the very things they most desire. Now, that might sound a little crazy, but it actually makes perfect sense.
The universe is just responding to the vibration you are putting out at every moment and giving you more of the same.
But here’s the kicker. It doesn’t differentiate between positive or negative, and therefore it gives you what you think about regardless of its positive or negative nature.
**30-minute phone coaching session included**
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