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Product Lighting Your Fire (P420)

Sparking Your Inner Motivation to Reach Your Goals and Change Your Life.

We all can recall times in our lives where our motivation has ebbed and flowed. There were times when we felt a high level of motivation when nothing could stop us from pursuing a goal or staying committed to a cause that was important to us.

But also there were times when our motivation waned, our resolve felt weak, and we couldn’t seem to focus on a goal we said we really wanted. So why is it that we can sometimes take a goal to its end, and other times it loses its flame?

The secret is to understand your own internal personal motivators, and how they tie to the goals you set. Plus there are certain “truths” about how motivation works and why it subsides. And most important of all is that within these truths there is a process for reestablishing your sense of motivation that you can use anytime to reignite the flame of a goal. **30-minute phone coaching session included upon completion of this course.**

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