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Product Rhythm and Blues of Empathy (P423)

Resonating With the Feelings of Others to Build Rapport.

Empathy is often referred to as the door that leads to compassion. It is perhaps the most important element to building a strong rapport with others. The term ‘empathy’ comes from the German term Einfühlung, which means “to feel as one with”.

Each of us has the capacity to be more empathetic in our dealings with others. However, many people think it’s a trait that only a few possess. This is not true. Every person has the ability to be more empathetic; they just need to understand the term better, appreciate its amazing benefits to relationships of all kinds, and learn how easy it can be developed.

In this course, you will learn more about this very misunderstood skill and walk away with simple, yet powerful tools to increase your own level of empathy so you create stronger rapport with all the important people in your life. **30-minute phone coaching session included upon completion of this course.**

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