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Product Say It, Hear It (P424)

The Power of Effective Communication.

It may come as a surprise, but communicating with others is the one activity you do more than any other – except for breathing.

No doubt there’s plenty of communicating going on in your life. But how effective is it? What results does it get you?

Excellent interpersonal communication skills are the most important career and personal skills you can possess, but just because you have the ability to speak doesn’t mean you are effectively speaking, and your ability to hear doesn’t mean you’re truly listening what someone else is saying to you.

In this course, you will learn powerful techniques to be a better speaker and listener by discovering more about: What is it that you are really looking for when you communicate with others? What gets in the way of your communication and how to overcome it?

And what’s essential in all communication interactions? **30-minute phone coaching session included**

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